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If you’re looking for nursing staff in a hurry, Medilink Nursing is here for you!

With hundreds of trained and experienced Nurses and HCAs on our books across the country, we’re sure to have some near you, ready to help.

But when is it best to use a nursing agency? And how do we fill in shift requests? This blog will cover how we help Homes all over England to find nursing staff quickly.

When to use a Nursing Agency

Leave & Absences

Typically, residential homes rely on agencies to provide nursing staff in situations where they need to cover an employee’s absence. This could be because the employee has gone on annual leave, or maybe they’ve unexpectedly not turned up for their shift, at the last minute! Whatever the reason, nursing agencies such as Medilink Nursing are ready to help provide that cover whenever the need arrives.

In particular, we take pride in our ability to find cover at short notice here at Medilink. Our dedicated support team will quickly see who we have available, and get in touch with them right away. This also means that, in the rare event we don’t have anyone available, you won’t have wasted precious time on hold with us.

Periods of High Demand

Another reason Residential Homes use agency nursing staff is when they are experiencing greater demand. Sometimes, when a Home finds itself with more residents than usual, using agency nursing staff for a few months makes sense. That way, they can simply stop employing the agency nurses when capacity returns to usual levels. It’s also a lot easier than going through the full recruitment process when you just need an extra pair of hands for a few weeks.


Finally, using agency nursing staff can be a good way to find talent to recruit as full-time employees (not all Agencies allow this, but Medilink does, by special arrangement – so get in touch if this has got your interest!). The big advantage here is that you can see how the agency nursing staff you take on perform before hiring them, with no strings and no commitments. This also means that you don’t need to worry about DBS check results, as any candidates must have already passed theirs in order to work with the agency!

Finding Nursing Staff With Medilink Nursing

At Medilink, finding nursing staff is as simple as giving as a call or emailing us (contact details at the end of the post!). Our Operations Team is on-hand to assist from 6am to 10:30pm – they’ll handle everything from there.

Nursing staff available to hire, with Medilink Nursing!

About Us – Our Nursing Staff Services

What kind of services do we offer, though? You can take a look at our Services Page for more detail, but we’ll sum it up here:

Ad Hoc Cover – We can provide nurses for you as and when you need them, for single shifts.

Short-Term Cover – This is cover for a fixed period of time, including anything up to a year.

Long-Term Cover – If you need anything longer than a year, we can provide staff on a semi-permanent contractual basis.

Block Bookings – If you have a repeating pattern of shifts you need covering for the foreseeable, (Maybe you need extra staff every Monday or on every other Friday), our block bookings service means there’s no need to make a new booking every time that shift comes around.

Specialised 1-to-1 Care – Our staff are trained in a range of areas where 1-to-1 care might be required, such as palliative care, dementia care, and more.

Last-Minute Shift Requests Getting last-minute cover can be an absolute nightmare, but like we say, we specialise in getting you a fast answer in an emergency.


So, when it comes to finding quality nursing staff – whether you need them quickly or not – Medilink can provide. Whatever your needs, we’ll see what we can do. Give us a call on 0113 877 6383, or email, and our Operations Team will sort things out.

Nursing staff available to hire, with Medilink Nursing!

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