Specialised 1 to 1 Care For Residential Homes and Hospitals

Specialised 1 to 1 care available at Medilink Nursing!

Specialised 1 to 1 Care For Residential Homes and Hospitals

1 to 1 care is a fantastic way of ensuring those who need a little bit of extra help get the care and attention deserved, to be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

We’re going to discuss in detail where 1 to 1 care is used, how it can benefit those who require it, and how Medilink Nursing provides it.

What is 1 to 1 Care?

1 to 1 care involves a nurse or carer providing support specifically to one individual.

The type of care given is totally dependent on the person receiving it. It could range from simple activities, such as helping to cook meals and tidy up, to more “full-on” tasks, such as helping the individual with personal hygiene needs.

Of course, 1 to 1 care isn’t just about physical support – the emotional support side is just as important, especially to those with more serious conditions, or who have little contact with others.

If someone is confined to their bedroom, just having someone to talk to can be a lot more important than you’d think. This has been especially important in recent years, with vulnerable people being forced to self-isolate, meaning they couldn’t see their family. In some senses, 1 to 1 carers become family-like to the individual, as they provide their only form of emotional support. For some tips for avoiding loneliness in Residents, have a read of our blog post, linked here.

1 to 1 care - Medilink Nursing is here to support your residents.

When Is 1 to 1 Care Needed?

There is no single reason why someone may need 1 to 1 care, but some of the more common reasons are:

  • They are unable to completely look after themselves.
  • They could need support after an accident.
  • Needing support due to illness, disability, or age.
  • If left alone, they could cause harm to themselves.
  • The individual, or their family, feel they require 1-to-1 care to lead a fulfilling and enjoyable life.

How Does 1 to 1 Care Benefit Those Who Need It?

When those who need a little extra support receive it, they can enjoy their life with fewer restrictions.

It can be quite upsetting knowing that you can’t do certain things for yourself, but having someone to help is a lot better than not being able to do it all.

No matter how hard Carers and Nurses try to look after everyone under their care, it can naturally be hard to ensure everyone gets the attention they need. By having a member of staff focus on providing care to one person, you can rest assured they will be fully looked after, and that no one else receives less care because of it – ensuring compliance with the CQC’s Fundamental Standards.

How Care/Residential Homes and Hospitals Can Get Extra 1 to 1 Support

With the right training, it is possible to use in-house carers to nurses to provide 1 to 1 support for residents, but this sometimes means they will struggle to help out with other tasks.

This is why many choose a Nursing Agency to bring in dedicated 1 to 1 support, as and when it’s required. It’s a surprisingly cost-effective solution, and helps to provide managers with ease of mind, knowing everyone under their care will be receiving the necessary support.

One to One carers available at Medilink Nursing!

1 to 1 Care At Medilink Nursing – What Do We Offer?

At Medilink Nursing, we’re able to offer specialised 1 to 1 carers and nurses for those in Residential Homes, and even Hospitals. Whether you need 1 to 1 care for dementia patients, or for those suffering from physical disabilities, whether it’s needed for 6 hours, 12 hours, or 24 hours – we can provide an experienced Healthcare Assistant or Nurse.

Our professional team has in-depth experience as well as qualifications in the following areas, as well as many others:

  • Dementia.
  • Eating Disorders.
  • Learning Disabilities.
  • Mental Health.
  • Physical Disabilities.
  • Sensory Impairments.
  • Substance Misuse Problems.
  • Care for over 65’s.

This means that, no matter the needs of your residents, we’ll be able to provide someone who is comfortable and confident in assisting them in their day-to-day life.

If you’d be interested in booking 1 to 1 care for your Residents, just give our Operations Team a call on 0113 877 6383, or send us a message us via our contacts page, linked here. For more information on what we offer, visit our Services page, linked here.

Our team is available every day, from 6:00am until 10:30pm (including weekends and bank holidays) to help – we hope to hear from you soon!

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