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Standard DBS Check

The Standard DBS check is primarily for positions of high responsibility. Standard checks reveal details of any convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings the applicant has received.

  • The main categories for which a Standard Disclosure may be required are:

  • Those checked in the interests of national security
  • Those involved in the administration of law
  • Those applying for firearms, explosives and gaming licences
  • Professional groups in health, pharmacy and law
  • Senior managers in banking and financial services

From the 17th June 2013, the only person that receives the certificate is the applicant. The DBS changed this due to data protection and gives the applicant a right to who they show the information to.

  • STANDARD DBS CHARGE- Paper Application
  • DBS Fee £26.00 (No VAT)
  • Personnel Admin Fee £12.00 (+VAT)

All of our Nurses and Carers are DBS checked by Aaron's Department

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