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Personnel Ltd GUARANTEE, every application received will be processed and sent to the DBS the same day.

What to know about the ISA

How long will it take to receive the result of my check?

The Disclosure and Barring Service takes around 4 weeks to process an application, (please note this could vary according to each individual Police Authority). The applicant will receive a disclosure certificate sent directly to their address.

Why should I use an umbrella body?

There are a number of benefits to accessing DBS checks via an Umbrella Body. These are:
  • The Umbrella Body acts as an interface between your organisation and the DBS so that you can concentrate on your own business.
  • The Umbrella Body will administer the process and acquire the DBS check on your organisation's behalf.
  • Umbrella Bodies are able to offer a great deal of experience in handling and processing DBS checks that can pay dividends in ensuring that the check is completed as quickly as possible.
  • You may only require a small number of checks per annum and cannot meet the threshold requirements or the terms for direct registration.
  • You may require help and assistance in order to comply with certain obligations contained in the DBS's Code of Practice.
  • You might lack the necessary administration resource or the relevant expertise in handling criminal record information.

How long is a Disclosure valid?

Each Disclosure will show the date on which it was provided. The older the Disclosure the less reliable it becomes. However, there is currently no expiry date printed on the form. Please note that Nursing Agencies would need to renew DBS applications on a yearly basis in accordance with CQC guidelines. Other organisations would need to discuss it with their Head Office, to establish how frequently they would need to do their checks.ceive the result of my check?

How do I register?

To register with Personnel Ltd all you need to do is give our DBS department a call on +44 113 8770192. We will send you out two forms to fill in, as soon as we receive these back we can send you out some DBS application forms the same day.

Who will receive the disclosure?

From the 17th June 2013 the only person that receives the certificate is the applicant. The DBS changed this due to data protection and it gives the applicant a right to who they show the information to.

All of our Nurses and Carers are DBS checked by Aaron's Department

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