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Enhanced DBS Check

What is an Enhanced DBS Check?

The Enhanced DBs check is a type of criminal record background check that shows an applicant’s police history. It is a legal requirement for many job roles, typically those involving children and/or people receiving care.

Who Needs An Enhanced DBS Check?

An Enhanced DBS check is legally required for all people participating in a “Regulated Activity”. Broadly speaking, Regulated Activity is defined as, “anything that involves contact with children, and many activities involving Vulnerable Adults”. Some examples of regulated activity are:

  • Any work taking place in schools.
  • Any work taking place with children.
  • Providing healthcare for children or adults.
  • Transporting Vulnerable Adults to and from places where they will receive healthcare.

This is only a very general list, and is by no means complete, as there are a lot of different conditions that apply to different roles. You can find the government’s guidance by following the links below:

What is a Vulnerable Adult, incidentally? This one is simple – it’s anybody aged 18 or over, who is the recipient of a Regulated Activity! It’s a rather circular definition, which makes things seem more confusing than they really are.

The government’s PDFs we’ve linked above are valuable resources if you need to understand the legal terminology of DBS checks. (since you’re on Medilink Nursing’s website at the moment, we’d imagine that the Vulnerable Adult’s PDF will be of more interest to you.)

Enhanced DBS Check - FAQ

Our Staff Get Their DBS Checks With Aaron’s Department!

At Medilink Nursing, all of our agency staff require an Enhanced DBS check, which is provided by our partnered business Aaron’s Department. If you need to get DBS checks for any of your staff, we’d recommend them! They provide affordable, fast-tracked DBS checks, and a tracking system that lets you see a check’s progress through the DBS system. In an industry like ours, we’ve come to greatly appreciate these perks and features.

Don’t take it from us though (we are partnered with them after all), just have a look at their Google reviews.

How Much Does An Enhanced DBS Check Cost Using Aaron’s Department?

DBS FEE – £38.00 (No VAT)

This is how much the government charges for a DBS check. Whenever you pay an Umbrella Body for an Enhanced DBS check, they’ll have to send £38 per check to the government.

Aaron’s Department Admin Fee (+VAT) – £10.95

This is the charge that cover’s the Umbrella Body’s costs. If you will be needing a lot of checks, Aaron’s Department offers a discount when paying for checks in bulk, meaning that it can come to as low as £6.26 per check.

Clicking the button below will take you to the Aaron’s Department website, where you can read more about the subject – feel free to reach out to them if you have any questions.

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