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Enhanced DBS Check

An Enhanced DBS check will need to be completed for all people in a ‘Regulated Activity’. The Regulated Activity defined as, “to involve contact with children or vulnerable adults”, will be of a specified nature, e.g. teaching, training, care, supervision, advice, treatment or transport


In a specified place e.g. schools, children’s homes & hospitals, juvenile detention facilities, adult care homes and Frequently, Intensively and/or overnight care once a month


Three or more occasions in a period of 30 days


Overnight: between 2 – 6am

The above also covers Fostering and ‘Defined Office Holders’ e.g. Directors of Children’s services, Trustees of children’s charities, School Governors.

ENHANCED DBS CHARGE – Online Application

DBS FEE – £38.00 (No VAT)

Aaron’s Department Admin Fee – £9.95 (+VAT)

ENHANCED DBS CHARGE – Paper Application

DBS FEE – £38.00 (No VAT)

Aaron’s Department Admin Fee – £14.95 (+VAT)

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