We’ve had a lot of feedback over the years, from customers and agency staff alike – thankfully, almost all of it has been positive! We’ve created this page to host some of the kind words and reviews we’re most proud of.

If you’re considering using our services, or are interested in joining the team, read on to see what other people think about us!

Client Reviews & Testimonials

“Just want to let you know you have some really lovely staff. They are punctual, kind with residents and listen to our seniors. A special mention, Francis has (twice now) come in at short notice for a night shift and we couldn’t be more grateful to him. You run a great service thank you for your support.”
– Jennifer M, Registered Manager


“I have used Medilink for some time now and they offer a very good reliable service. I am lucky to receive the same staff which helps us to maintain continuity for our residents. The communication between Medilink and our service is very good with emails and follow up telephone calls. This is the only agency I need use as I know I can depend on them for quality and consistency.”
– Jenny, Care Home Manager


“The staff Medilink Nursing supply are of an extremely high calibre, hard working and conscientious. The telephone staff are always polite, courteous and eager to help where they can. I have full confidence in Medilink knowing they will always supply the best staff and always deal with all my needs”


“I have used Medilink for several years to provide temporary staff. I have always found them to be reliable and provide quality staff”


“We use Medilink as we can nearly always guarantee that we get a quick and positive response to our requests for staff cover. We also like the regular updates from you when you are trying to place staff with us. The staff who take our calls are always friendly. I wouldn’t change anything else.”
– Susan, Care Home Manager


Staff Reviews & Testimonials

“Training was a fantastic start off to joining Medilink. Making sure you are sure and not worried about taking on the job. 100% accurate training in the best way!”


“I work with Medilink Recruitment for 8 years. Most often I do full night shifts, but I also have the possibility to do days. I like this job. The consultants in Medilink are nice and friendly professionals always helpful when asked for advice. I would recommend this job to people who like that kind of work.”


“The training session was enjoyable and really refreshed my knowledge of working in care. The trainer was very nice and made sure we understood everything”


“Pleasant agency to work. Lovely polite staff, plenty of places to go work, next day pay which is good, on call staff are always easy to speak to, and always bubbly when answering the phone, timesheets are easy to do and everything is explained to you in detail. If in any doubt about anything they will help you – good agency”


“I’ve been on and off with medilink. The staff treat you with respect and always listen to your needs. Pay is great and they are very flexible. Love working here.”


“One of the best agencies around, always available when needed. Good rates of pay and friendly staff. Great company to work for and would recommend to anyone.”


“I cannot fault Medilink as an employer. Good rates of pay, you can travel as far as you want, it’s not held against you if you turn down a shift. You give your availability every week and they will nearly always find you work. Medilink is the only company I work for but I’ve met others who work for Medilink as well as another job to top up their wages. The office staff are so helpful and very polite. Fantastic job.

Pros – Very flexible
Cons – It can be daunting going into a Care Setting for the first time, you need to be confident!”


Staff Stories

We sent out a quick questionnaire to some of our agency staff, asking them about the ups and downs of the industry, memorable moments, and what inspires them. Here are some of the responses we received!

What inspired you to pursue a career in nursing/caring?

Can you share a memorable experience that made you realise you were meant to be a nurse/carer?

What aspect of your job do you find most rewarding?

How do you handle the emotional challenge that comes with caring for others? 

What do you think is the most important quality that a carer should possess?

How do you maintain a positive and compassionate attitude towards those who look after?

Can you describe a situation where you made a significant impact on someone’s life through your care?

What are some of the biggest challenges you face in your role as a nurse/carer?

What advice would you be able to give someone considering a career in caring?

Can you tell us what it’s like to work for Medilink nursing and what your experiences have been like with us?