Frequently Asked Questions - Agency Work Care Assistant

Is the care work guaranteed?

Medilink Nursing Ltd is an Care Work Agency providing short notice cover (care agency jobs) for Nursing Homes, Residential Homes, Hospitals, Psychiatric Units and Learning Disability Homes. Because of the nature of our business, like all care agencies, we are unable to guarantee a constant supply of work however in practice Nurses and Carers who make themselves available tend to be always working.

How often will I get paid?

Medilink Nurses and HCA / Healthcare Assistants are paid weekly every Friday. You can also request to be paid for any shift the day after you do it! You just need to email a copy of your timesheet to us before 9:30am and we will sort out a same day payment for you for FREE.

Am I entitled to holiday pay?

Yes. Holiday pay is accrued for each shift that you do.

Do you provide transport to work placements?


Do you provide training?

At Medilink Nursing we provide our Health Care Assistants, RGNs and RMNs with all the mandatory training and we update it annually.

Can I work for Medilink if I need a work permit?

Unfortunately not. As a recruitment agency, we cannot apply for a work permit because we are not recruiting to fill a particular vacancy. For jobs in care, you will need to apply for a permanent position. Jobs in care.

What happens if you send me to a company that I don't like or assign me to work I'm not happy with?

Everybody has places that they don't like or jobs they don't like doing. That's ok with us, as we have a large number of clients so can swap things around and make everybody happy.

Will I have to travel far to work?

Some travelling will be involved but we always try to keep travel to a minimum. Generally we do not like people to be travelling more than 30 minutes to work. The large number of workers we have on our books and our large client base also makes it easier for us to find work close to your home.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Yes - You are issued with a uniform before you start with us and this must be worn, unless specifically requested by the client.

Is it true that agency staff get the worse tasks?

If you come and join us, we expect you to be treated with respect by the clients we send you to. If this is not the case we take action even if that means losing the client.

If I like a client can I go and work for them?

Yes - You are free to work for who you like. We have a contractual agreement with our clients but usually we transfer you over to the client after a short notice period.

How long are the shifts?

Care agency work shifts vary. Weekday and weekend Care Assistant days shifts can be anywhere from 4 to 8 hours long with 7.5 hour being the most common. Night Care Assistant Jobs tend to be 12 hour shifts.