Agency Mental Health Nurses Available With Medilink!

Agency Mental Health Nurses Available With Medilink!

Are you looking for agency Mental Health Nurses to help out at your business? Our team of bank staff is trained, experienced, in your area, and ready to go. Read this page to find out more about our team, and how we can help, or use the buttons below to make a booking:

Our Agency Mental Health Nurse Team:

Our Agency Mental Health Nurse Team:

Our dedicated bank staff are highly skilled, undergo regular training, and have (fully referenced) recent UK healthcare experience. Let us explain…


Aside from their qualifications, our bank staff all receive regular training, via CPD-accredited courses created and provided in-house. For more info on the courses our staff take, (or if you’re interested in procuring them for your staff!) visit our Training Courses Page.

Guaranteed Recent Experience

Rather than take any applicants with the right qualifications on paper, we only take candidates with recent UK-based experience, which we can confirm with references. This is a great way to ensure that the staff we send are able to get started in unfamiliar workplaces right away, with minimal induction, for those more hectic shifts.

Our Range of Agency Mental Health Nurse Services

Medilink Nursing Agency offers a comprehensive range of agency Mental Health Nurse solutions to meet your needs, even in urgent, last-minute scenarios (in fact, these are our speciality). Our services include:

◉ On-demand cover: Immediate support for single shifts as they come up.

◉ Emergency cover: Similar to on-demand, but for those unexpected situations where advance booking isn’t possible. Whether it’s sudden illnesses or unexpected absences, we’ve got you covered.

◉ Short-term placements: Providing coverage for a set period, typically ranging from a week to a month, though longer arrangements are also available. Perfect for covering staff annual leave, or parental leave (for example).

◉ Extended placements: For more enduring needs, we offer agency Mental Health Nurses on semi-permanent contracts.

◉ Block bookings: If you require consistent coverage, such as every other Friday or every Tuesday for several weeks, we can arrange this efficiently in a single booking.

Our Agency Mental Health Nurse Team:

Get in touch!

Whether you require immediate coverage for a single shift or anticipate a longer-term need extending into next year, rest assured we’ll provide you with a qualified and committed agency Mental Health Nurse that meets all your requirements.

You can use the buttons below to schedule a shift, or reach out to us via our Contact Page if you have any inquiries. Alternatively, if you’d rather have a word over the phone, our lines are open from 6:00 am to 10:30 pm, every day of the year – simply dial 0113 877 6383 to reach our head office.

We look forward to helping out!

Our Agency Mental Health Nurse Team:

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