Your Local Bank Staff Agency – Medilink Nursing

Your local bank staff agency - Medilink Nursing

If you’re after some agency staff to cover shifts at your Home, you’ve come to the right place! Medilink Nursing is a bank staff agency with over 25 years of experience in supplying Residential Homes across the North of England and the Midlands with care and nursing staff. Whether you need cover staff right away in a last-minute situation, or you’ll be needing someone for a few months’ parental leave – we’ve got the staff, and we’ve got your back.

Our Bank Staff Agency Services

Last-Minute Cover

We specialise in finding cover for Homes at short notice. Last-minute illnesses and no-shows can be a disaster for the staff who do turn up, which is why we’ve designed our system so that we can see which of our agency bank staff are available, and get a call through to them ASAP.

Ad-Hoc Cover

We can provide cover for single shifts as and when they come up. We get a lot of these bookings for reasons like doctor’s appointments, kid’s sports days, that sort of thing.

Short-Term Cover

If you need staff to cover for a fixed period of time (this tends to be around a week to a month, but can be as much as a year – as long as we know the full duration of the booking!), we can have this arranged. Often, this is used to cover staff on holiday or maternity leave.

Your Local Bank Staff Agency - Medilink Nursing

Block Bookings

For example, if you need an extra staff member every Friday, or every second weekend – we can get all this in one booking, rather than taking a new booking for each week.

Long-Term Cover

If you’re needing cover for longer than a year, we can provide staff on a semi-permanent contractual basis.

1-to-1 Care

Many of our staff are trained in specialist areas, such as Dementia Care, Palliative Care, Overnight Care, and more. If the shift you need filling calls for some extra skills and qualifications, let us know, and we’ll find the best candidate for the job.

Our Bank Staff Agency Workers

So you’ve read about our services, but what are our bank staff agency workers like? We’d describe them as experienced and well-trained – we make sure of this ourselves.

Firstly, we’ll only employ workers with over 6 months’ experience in a UK healthcare setting within the past 2 years, or 2 years’ experience within the past 5. Thanks to this experience, our staff can get stuck in right away, even in unfamiliar workplaces.

Furthermore, we provide all our agency staff with regular, CPD-accredited refresher training courses. Regular staff at Homes receive regular training, so it stands to reason that so should our dedicated agency team! (Incidentally, if you’re interested in getting access to our training courses for your own staff, get in touch on 0113 877 6383 – we’ll make the arrangements!)

Naturally, all of our staff are DBS checked by our sister company, Aaron’s Department, and this is updated annually.

Your Local Bank Staff Agency - Medilink Nursing

Get In Touch!

Now that you’ve read all about what’s on offer, the next step is making a booking! There are a few ways you can do this: you can call our team on 0113 877 6383, email us with your request at, or use the “request a shift” button below. We’ll make all the necessary arrangements, and you can rest easy with the knowledge that those pesky gaps in the rota will be filled by a competent, trained and experienced nurse or carer. We look forward to hearing from you!

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