Medilink: A Nursing Staffing Agency Near You

Medilink: A Nursing Staffing Agency Near You

If you’re looking for a nursing staffing agency, you’ve landed on the right page. Medilink Nursing provides temporary care & healthcare staff to hundreds of businesses across the North of England and the Midlands.

When should you use a nursing staffing agency?

Medilink Nursing offers a range of booking options for different scenarios and time periods. We’ll list them below:

Last-minute Cover:

  • At Medilink Nursing, we’re particularly proud of our ability to find cover, fast, and at short notice. As a result, we’re the go-to nursing staffing agency for many Residential Homes, in case of any last-minute shift dilemmas.

Ad-hoc Cover:

  • For one-off shifts, we can provide staff to fill the gaps. Examples when this gets used include times regular staff are too unwell to come in, are having car trouble, public transport strikes, and any other examples of short-term disruption.
When should you use a nursing staffing agency?

Short-term Cover:

  • If you’ll be needing cover for a fixed period up to 12 months, Medilink can help. Our short-term cover staff come in handy when regular staff are on parental leave, annual leave, or are recovering with a long-term illness. This style of cover is also frequently used if a care/nursing home resident’s needs change, and they require extra attention for a period.

Long-term Cover:

  • for any period over 12 months, we can offer our staff on a semi-permanent contractual basis.

Block Bookings:

  • If you need someone to cover the same shift for the next 10 weeks, we can have this arranged all at once, saving you from making a further 9 bookings. Handy!

One-to-One Care:

  • Sometimes those in your care need a little extra attention, which is why we offer dedicated 1-to-1 care. Our Nurses and Carers are trained in areas such as (but not limited to) Dementia care, disabilities care, palliative care, and overnight care.
What should you look for in a nursing staffing agency?

What should you look for in a nursing staffing agency?

Ideally, the nursing staffing agency you choose should consist of a team of trained, experienced, DBS-checked bank staff, partnered with an accessible, friendly operations team.

Thankfully, Medilink Nursing offers both.

Our agency staff are guaranteed to have had recent, UK-based healthcare experience, and all of them receive regular refresher training provided in-house. All of our staff DBS checks are provided by Aaron’s Department, and are renewed annually. When you use Medilink, you can be sure that whoever arrives will be experienced an effective.

What’s more, our Operations Team is available from 6:00am to 10:30pm on 0113 877 6383, great for any shift handover no-show nightmares!

If you’re interested in making a booking or have any questions, please feel free to give us a call. We’ll see what we can do!

What should you look for in a nursing staffing agency?

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