Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay?

Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay?

Do agency nurses get holiday pay? It depends on the agency, but with Medilink Nursing all our staff get holiday pay!

With each shift you work, you’ll accumulate money in a holiday-pay pot, which can be claimed at any time.

Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay?

Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay? What other perks do Medilink Nursing Offer?

Next-Day Payment

If you need paying ASAP, then we can sort things out for you, quickly and easily.

If you want your pay from a shift, simply send us your timesheet before 9:30am the next day, and we’ll send you 65% of your pay the same day. The other 35% will follow on the next Friday – we hang on to this a bit longer to ensure we can deduct the correct amount of tax, but you’ll get everything you’re owed, no fees or charges apply!

Great Pay-Rates

There are a lot of variables that affect our pay-rates, so we won’t list them here – we’d have to log in and update the website all the time! That said, we’re among the best-paying nursing agencies in the UK, and if you’d like some proof of that, you can request our pay rates by clicking here.

Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay?

Flexible Shifts

The way we see it, agency work should be as flexible as possible. People often take agency work because they have lots of other responsibilities that need working around, and a full-time job doesn’t offer enough leeway.

So? Because of this, we’ll never pressure our staff into taking shifts, or require them to accept a minimum number of shifts with us. All we ask is that you let us know your availability a week in advance so we know who’s around at what times.

Free, Annually-Updated Training

Full-time care and nursing staff receive annual refresher training, provided by their employers, but so many agencies fail to offer this to their staff!

Not Medilink Nursing; we’ve designed dozens of specialist courses to keep you in-practice and help grow your professional competence. All of our courses are designed in-house, and are free for our staff.

Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay?

Summary: Do Agency Nurses Get Holiday Pay?

They do with Medilink Nursing! You’ll build up a pot of holiday pay with every shift you work, which can be claimed whenever you please.

If you’re interested in joining a nursing agency that provides holiday pay, and lots of other perks, we’d be delighted to have you on the team. Click the button below to start your online application!

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