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Have you been looking for carer agency jobs on a part-time basis? If so, Medilink Nursing could be the agency for you!

A Bit About Us

We have hundreds of Nurses and Carers already with us, making Medilink Nursing one of the most popular Nursing Agencies in the UK. We make sure we provide them the very best carer agency jobs. A high rate of pay and flexible shifts come as standard with all our carer agency jobs, so you can accept the shifts you want and get appropriately rewarded for the hard work you put in.

We have built strong relationships with dozens of care homes across the country, who let us know when they need cover. Our job as an agency is to get them the cover they need by providing fantastic healthcare professionals who meet their high standards.

What Are Our Carer Agency Jobs Like?

Unlike other carer agency jobs, there’s no pressure to accept any of the shifts we find. If it’s not the right one for you, simply don’t take it! This way, we can help you to build a job that’s based around your needs – be that the few odd shifts here-and-there, or regular block-bookings of work.

However, the more shifts you work, the more days worth of holiday pay you’ll earn! Yes, that’s right, each shift you work earns you a proportional amount of holiday pay – this way, we can offer our workers one of the main benefits of a full-time, or part-time, job, but with more flexibility.

We have carer agency jobs all over England, in and around most major cities, so it’s likely we’ll be able to find get you local carer agency jobs no matter where you are in the country. We aim to keep commuting times for our cares under 30 minutes each way.

What We Need From You

But what do we need from you before you can benefit from our amazing carer agency jobs? We need to make sure you meet our standards, and the standards of our clients.

To work with Medilink Nursing Agency as a carer, we require a minimum of six months of experience in the last two years in a Residential Home, Nursing Home or Hospital, or a minimum of two years experience in the last five.

We require this experience because our care agency jobs require staff to slot into new workplaces straight away, with minimal assistance from other staff.

To finish the job application, we just need a few personal details, such as your National Insurance Number, some previous employment history, and to process your application faster, any previous training you have taken.

If you apply today, you could be getting shifts in as little as two weeks.

Our sister company, Aaron’s Department, will handle the necessary DBS checks, free of charge – one less thing to worry about!

Get started today using our quick and simple online application – just click the button below!

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