What Are The 6 Cs Of Nursing? A Medilink Guide

What Are The 6 Cs Of Nursing? A Medilink Guide

The 6 Cs of Nursing are a set of core values laid out by the NHS in 2012, outlining the fundamental values that healthcare staff must uphold in order to provide an excellent standard of care for those in their trust.

If you work in healthcare, you should strive to follow these principles for the good of those you care for. The 6 Cs of nursing are as follows:

The 6 Cs of Nursing – Care

Caring for others isn’t just a job, to be completed as quickly and efficiently as possible. Care defines the work we do, and has an immense effect on those we care for.

The 6 Cs of Nursing – Compassion

‘Compassion’ here refers to developing a relationship with patients based on empathy, respect and dignity. Our compassion for patients is the most important factor in how they perceive their care.

What Are The 6 Cs Of Nursing? A Medilink Guide

The 6 Cs of Nursing – Competence

Those employed in care roles must have the technical knowledge and expertise to perform at the level required by their patients, and employers. Without competence, it’s impossible to provide the standard of care required.

The 6 Cs of Nursing – Communication

Communication is an important skill because it helps us to understand the needs, issues and requests of those in our care. It also makes collaboration with colleagues easier – this improves care outcomes and makes work easier for everyone.

The 6 Cs of Nursing – Courage

Courage is an important value in healthcare. We have to do the right thing for those we care for, and raise concerns when we have them. If you suspect something isn’t right, or should be done differently, have the courage to point it out!

The 6 Cs of Nursing – Commitment

We must be committed to the people we care for. We cannot provide the highest standard of care without the dedication and effort that comes with commitment.


If nurses and carers do their best to adhere to the 6 C’s of Nursing, we can ensure that people in need have access to the best standard of care possible.

Medilink Nursing is a nursing agency that provides temporary staff to cover shifts at Residential Homes across England – we do our bit by only taking on staff who can demonstrate their knowledge and experience in the field of healthcare. When we interview our candidates, one of the key things we consider is their attitudes towards the 6 C’s of Nursing.

If you’re a caring, compassionate, competent, chatty, courageous, and committed Nurse or Carer, we want you on our team!

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What Are The 6 Cs Of Nursing? A Medilink Guide

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