5 Top Tips for Keeping Safe at Work This Summer

Top Tips for Keeping Safe at Work This Summer

With summer just around the corner and the temperature rising, here are our top tips for keeping safe at work this summer.

1) Keep a Bottle of Water on Hand

Staying hydrated is one of the biggest things which you should aim to do in hot weather.

Aim to drink a full 500ml bottle of water before starting a shift, and then have regular drinks of a bottle every 20 minutes or so.

2) Avoid Drinks That Will Dehydrate You

Although drinking fluids is a must, it’s recommended that you don’t consume drinks which will dehydrate you.

Drinks such as tea, coffee and caffeinated soft drinks might sound like a good idea at the time, but they can actually have the opposite effect, causing you to get headaches and feel sick – never a good thing!

3) Take Steps to Avoid Sunburn

It might sound like an obvious one, but you’d be surprised at the number of people who forget to do simple things such as wearing suncream, or wearing a hat if they are outside.

Failing to do so will often result in the person feeling fatigued or at worst, actually getting sunburnt!

Also, try to avoid direct sunlight if possible.

4) Use a Damp Paper Towel to Cool Off

Sometimes the classics are the best, and that’s once again the case here.

When on a break, or if you have a spare minute, get a damp paper towel and put it on the back of your neck.

It’ll help to cool your body temperature and make you feel a bit more refreshed!

5) Eat Smaller, Lighter Meals

Having smaller meals will also help to make you feel lighter and not as tired in the heat.

Foods high in protein are the ones to avoid in heat, and instead, you should opt for lighter things that are high in fibre and natural juice.

Have Any Other Tips For Keeping Safe at Work?

If you have any further ideas on how to keep safe whilst at work, or know of any good hacks, leave them in the comments below!

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