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Medilink will promote the best practice by engaging with and encouraging staff to develop their skills, to improve the lives of vulnerable people in our society.

Moving and Handling

Theory and Practical

This course will cover the requirements to train your staff in this area. Our experienced trainer will show you how to use specific types of equipment and how to adapt these to suit the needs of your organisation. The course also links to aspects of the NVQ and is suitable for induction training of new staff, as well as refresher training.

Course Content

  • Safe handling access
  • Commands and instructions
  • Team handling
  • Eye contact
  • Bed heights
  • Using body weight and balance (ergonomic handling)
  • Turning someone in bed (various methods)
  • Sitting someone up in bed (various methods)
  • Profile beds
  • Moving up the bed
  • “Clever” techniques and tips!
  • Wheelchair moves
  • Wheelchair safety
  • Wheelchairs and vehicles
  • Walking
  • Walking sticks and frames
  • Falling
  • Assisted falls
  • Helping people up from the floor
  • Repositioning people in chairs
  • Hoists and slings
  • Sitting to the edge of a bed
  • Preparing people to stand
  • Standing up (various methods)
  • Correct sitting position
  • Sitting down
  • Slide boards
  • Sitting to sitting transfers
  • Hoist transfers
  • Hoist myths and misunderstandings addressed
  • 9 dangerous techniques analysed
  • Dangerous methods vs safe techniques
  • Handling aids
medilink nursing hoist training

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