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What is a DBS Adult First Check?

A DBS Adult First check is a type of fast-track criminal record check that is available to certain organisations who are hiring people to work with vulnerable adults. This check allows the organisation to receive a provisional criminal record certificate quickly, while the full DBS check is being processed.

Who Is Eligible For A DBS Adult First Check?

The DBS Adult First check is available to employers who need to employ someone urgently in a role that is eligible for a DBS Adult’s Barred List check, but who cannot wait for the full DBS check to be completed before allowing the person to start work.

What Does a DBS Adult First Check Show?

The DBS Adult First check quickly provides an employer with information about whether the person has any unspent convictions or cautions that would bar them from working with Vulnerable Adults. If there are no issues with the DBS Adult First Check, the individual can begin work with Vulnerable Adults immediately, before receiving the full DBS certificate.

The Care Standards Act established a provision for the Department of Health to provide and maintain a list of people who are disallowed, or “barred” from working with Vulnerable Adults. Those employing people to positions that involve working with Vulnerable Adults can (and must) usually request a check of the Vulnerable Adults Barred list.

Adult First checks are a service exclusive to the health sector. Requests for DBS Adult First checks carry strict criteria and are permissible only where it is necessary to take such action because of a real danger that staffing levels will fall below statutory obligations.

DBS Adult First Check

The DBS reply to an DBS Adult First check request will contain one of the following responses:

  • OPTION 1: Registered Body must wait for the DBS certificate.
  • OPTION 2: No match exists for this person on the current Vulnerable Adults Barred list.

It also clearly states that it only forms the first part of the DBS application process, and that further information (the proper certificate) will follow.

If the reply is OPTION 1, the details provided may have revealed either a potential or exact match to those of a person held on the Vulnerable Adults Barred list. Therefore, you must wait for a DBS Certificate, as the search of the Vulnerable Adults Barred list is inconclusive and further investigations are required to determine whether the person is or is not on the list.

(To be clear, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the applicant is a wrongun – wait for the proper certificate to arrive before you make that judgement.)

If the reply is OPTION 2, then the applicant can begin working, under supervision.

All of Medilink Nursing’s DBS Checks are processed by Aaron’s Department – a registered Umbrella body and can supply, all 3 levels of DBS Checks, Barred List checks, and Adult First checks. Click the button below to view their page on Adult First checks.

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