We often get questions about what a Nursing Agency is, and how it differs from a 'regular workplace' role, so we decided to write an "Everything You Need To Know" guide about agencies for Nurses and Carers.

If you have any questions that aren't answered below, feel free to ask us in the comment section at the bottom of the page!

What Is The Best Nursing Agency To Work For?

A tough question, but one that everyone wants to know the answer to. After all, who wouldn't want to work for a good employer?

The best type of Nursing Agency to work for is one that offers exactly what you want.

Whether it be with us, or someone else, these are the things you should get from a Nursing Agency:

Fantastic Pay Rates - You work hard, so you should be getting rewarded for it! If you'd like to see exactly how much you could earn with us, you can do so on our Pay Rates Page.

Job Flexibility - Everyone has different needs and schedules, which is why many decide to join a Nursing Agency. If you're joining an agency that wants you to work certain shifts, with little leeway, then is it really the one for you?

Holiday Pay - Just because you're an agency worker doesn't mean you shouldn't be able to accumulate holiday pay. As a hard worker, there's no doubt you'll want to take some time off, and without holiday pay, doing this can be a bit of a worry. Make sure you're rewarded when you're working, and when you're not.

Local Shifts - Travelling to and from work can take a big chunk of your day away, especially if you don't drive (and even if you do, don't get us started on rush hour!). Having the choice to work as close to home as you want gives you greater flexibility, and a much better work-life balance.

Training - Whether it be when you join or a year down the line, training is important to ensure you can be confident when you go out to fulfil a shift.

Dedicated Support - Once you sign up you don't want to be left in the wild! That's why it's important to have a team that can help answer any questions - from getting extra shifts to getting directions to your next shift!

At Medilink Nursing, we strive to be the best Nursing Agency out there, which is why we offer all of the above and are constantly aiming to improve what we offer.

What Is The Highest Paid Nursing Job?

As discussed later, Nurse jobs in agencies often pay more than those that aren't with agencies.

We offer all of our staff, both Carers and Nurses, competitive rates of pay - it's only fair.

What Does Agency Mean In Nursing?

A Nursing Agency is simply an organisation that provides Nurses (both RMN and RGN) and Health Care Assistants to other Residential/Nursing Homes and Hospitals

Why do these places need Nursing Agencies? Sometimes it can be to fill in for an absent member of staff, and other times it could be to help take the pressure off other current members of staff

Whatever the reason is, here at Medilink Nursing want to make sure that the needs are met, and that all of our staff are comfortable and confident to help out

What Do Agency Nurses Do?

Agency Nurses fulfil temporary cover at Residential/Nursing Homes, as well as hospitals. Whether it's a single 8 hours shift, filling in for the week, or helping with 1-to-1 care, the aim is to deliver fantastic care and help ease the burden on other staff at the residence.

The type of work that Nurses actually undertake won't vary from any other permanent work - there just might be a bit more variety. The last thing we'd want you to be doing is something you've never done before, and don't feel comfortable doing.

Nurse Agency Jobs

Why Do Agency Nurses Get Paid More?

Carers and Nurses working for agencies often get high rates of pay, which is partly because shifts could be at short notice. On top of this, as an agency worker, you are often challenged with a variety of different situations, so it's only fair that the pay rewards reflect this.

How Are Agency Workers Paid?

At Medilink Nursing, we pay all of our agency workers (both HCA's and RMN's/RGN's) by the hour. This allows you to know exactly how many hours you need to work to get the pay you desire, and since you can be flexible with your hours, this can be as much, or as little, as you need!

Being paid by the hour also allows you to get paid the day after you work a shift! Yes, that's right, if you so wish, you can receive a portion of your wage the day after you work it. So, if one day you need a little more cash in the bank, just let us know, and we'll sort out the rest.

What Are The Requirements To Join a Nursing Agency?

Every agency has different requirements. Here at Medilink, on top of a can-do, positive attitude, we require all our Nurses and Carers to have:

A minimum of six months experience in the last two years in a Residential Home, Nursing Home or Hospital
A minimum of two years experience in the last five years in a Residential Home, Nursing Home or Hospital.

How Can I Join A Nursing Agency?

If you're wanting to join a Nursing Agency, you can do so here!

Simply select the type of work you want below to read about what we have to offer, as well as start your application.

It only takes a few minutes to apply to become a Nurse or Healthcare worker with us, and you could be getting your first shift in as little as two weeks!